Free Valentines Printable

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and if you are anything like me you waited till the last minute to get your cards done.  To help out all you busy mammas and daddas I wanted to share a free printable with you. Click here to print your free valentines printable now. You can even get a little crafty and add an actual cut out moustache to make the card a little 3-D and to give your valentines a moustache to wear around all day!

Here is how ours turned out.

Free Moustache Valentine Printable Card

If you would like a version like ours, that has a blank spot for you to add your stick on moustache, you can download that here. I purchased the moustache stickers from target and then glued one on each card, so that everyone can wear their own little moustache. I love that this valentine is candy free too!

Happy Valentines Day, with <3 love <3 from Diane and the monkeys.