Everyone loves the idea of documenting their babies growth and monthly pictures are one of the best ways to do that.  We have compiled a list of steps we think you should take in order to get the best monthly pictures of your little one!

1. Establish a place you will take the pictures each month.  For the best results you should take you pictures in the same place each month, to give your finished timeline a consistent look.  This will allow you to really see how your baby has grown each month.

2. One of the most important things is to shot in a location that has great lighting.   Beside a window would be best to achieve a nice soft light. You may also want to tweak the lighting slighly after with a photo editing app or program to get it just right.

3. Take pics when your baby is happy.  It is best to take your photos when your baby is well rested and fed.  This way you little one will be happy and ready to cooperate for a few quick snaps.

4. Last but not least props.  It is a great idea to use milestone blocks or stickers that show how many months your little monkey is.  We also think it is a great idea to have a prop beside your child such as a stuffed animal or a personalized pillow, such as our birth stat pillows.  A larger prop such as this will really show how much your child has grown each month in comparison to the stuffed animal or pillow.


That’s it.  And last but not least don’t forget to share your cute pictures and of course print them out too!  Maybe try using Chatbooks for a simple way to create a photo book right from your phone! I have never tried them myslef yet but I plan to very soon as I think the idea is so genious!


xx – Diane and the monkeys