For our son Benjamin’s 3rd birthday party we decided to have a grrrreat time and throw him and his matey’s a pirate themed birthday party.


We set the stage for the party with our new pirate themed invitation design:10320497_676940832371774_6989136591497790836_n

We had so much fun with this theme and so did all his guests! We used our Pirate themed printable set for all the personalized decorations.

This is the set we used:


I wanted Benjamin to have a special shirt to wear at his party so I designed one for him!


Now for some images from the party showing how we put the birthday printable set to use.  Photos compliments of Julie from Julie Rock Photography.  The delicious cake, cookies and cupcakes were created by the amazing Tammy of Cupcakes Under Cover:


10341694_10152535485405530_3197945863720873370_nBen-2-wmBen-4-wm Ben-5-wm Ben-6-wm

We played lots of  pirate themed games too!  We started with a game of “walk the plank”.  Benjamin and I created this as a craft project earlier in the week.  The “monkey’s” at the party had so much fun pretending they had to get across before the sharks got them.


We played “hook toss”.  This was a fun spin on the usual ring toss.  Another easy DIY.  We purchased a pirate set from the dollar store and hot glued the hooks to a poster we created:

Ben-12-wm  Ben-15-wm    Ben-22-wm

Our little “monkey’s” had a great time dressing up as pirates!  We even had a tattoo parlour:

10443519_10152535483925530_5252006916903601020_nBen-25-wm Ben-26-wm  Ben-30-wm

We had some fun with a piñata on too! Of course it was filled with gold coins and treasure maps!

Ben-37-wm Ben-40-wm Ben-42-wm

We had a great time!!! And I think the look on my sons face says it all!


xx Diane, Joe, Benjamin and Cristian xx