My son just turned 2 years old!  I can not tell you how incredibly fast these two years have past. My little monkey has grown into such an adorable, smart and very funny little boy.  Cristian loves making us laugh with his little jokes and also loves singing.  One of his favourite songs is one you can find on youtube called little snowflake.  His love for this song was the inspiration for his winter themed snowman birthday party.  The only problem is I didn’t really have much time to put it all together. So this post is to show you that you can put a super cute party together in as little as 1 week.  This is all the time I had to plan and execute this party from start to finish.

Cristian Birthday is right after Christmas, so this theme worked perfectly because I was able to repurposes a lot of the winter decorations and props I had around the house.  This is one of my key pointers when planing a parties.  Don’t go out and buy all kinds of new stuff just for the party.  Look for items that you already have that can be reused or temporarily borrowed for your party.

His invitation is fun and playful yet still modern.  The awesome photo of Cristian was taken by Melissa Yvonne Photography.


I love how his birthday party all came together, with the help of his matching personalized party decoration set. The welcome sign, banner, cupcake toppers, birthday hat, food labels and thank you tag are all included in this set.  I even designed Cristian a matching t-shirt to wear, printed by the amazing Dionne from Little Misfits. The beautiful and extremely delicious cakes and cookies were made from the Queen of Cakes. And let me tell you she named her business spot on! She is by far the queen!  For some added decor I painted the blue accents, on my once red accented penguin and snowman cookie jars.  I then decorated the rest of my sweets table with some colour coordinated and winter inspired treats. Volia!

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